Coenraad Fick

CTO @ Firelava.io

Having worked with and managed Kapeesh, there are a couple of words that come to mind as soon as I think about him- competent, passionate, hard-working, all packaged into a body filled with great humour and people skills. Kappy is always learning, never shying away from asking questions, but he is also always willing to share what he has learned. Kappy generally inspires those around him with his bubbly personality, and through the years, I can call him friend before anything else..


Elzanne Wentzel

Senior Technical Product Manager @ Platform Foundation

Kapeesh is rare find. A developer that is creative, communicates well, relentlessly shares knowledge, inspires and motivates everyone around him, say what !! Kapeesh joined my team as an intern and didn't waste time climbing the development ladder. I watched him grow into a master of front-end development, a leader and a mentor. He nurtured other interns and guided them on their development paths, all while still delivering award winning work and keeping that famous smile on his face. I’ve been lucky to have had Kapeesh in my team on 3 different occasions, and with his happy disposition he was always ready to apply his talent in any situation. You cannot ask for a better team member, and I'm looking forward to seeing his career unfold.


Jean du Plessis

Senior Engineering Manager @ Upbound

Kappy is one of those rare developers who's not only exceptional at his craft, but a natural leader, and excellent teacher as well. I had the privilege of seeing him grow from an intern to leading our frontend team. During this period, he showed dedication to his craft, a thirst for knowledge, and most importantly stayed humble all the while sharing his knowledge with his peers. Kappy is a multiplier to any team he joins. Not only does he improve the quality through his delivery, but he inspires those around him to raise their level too.


Stanislav Pogrebnyak

Engineering Manager @ Lobster Ink

There is a rare type of person that makes every interaction joyful. They are professionals in their craft, they are humble and modest, creative with an endless supply of inspiration. Extremely open to ideas, and not just accepts those but always adds up to make it better and more sustainable. Kappy is definitely one of these people. I enjoy every time I interact with him. He is also demanding to himself and people around him, forcing them to be better. Great speaker, great colleague, a craftsman with amazing potential.

Mentee Testimonials


Sagwadi Maluleke

Fullstack Developer @ Red and Yellow Creative School of business

My mentorship experience with Kapeesh was beyond empowering. The mentorship was very structured and practical. Kapeesh shared resources as well as exercises which helped me learn more skills and test myself, we had a regular meetings to review and give feedback. This has played a critical role in my career development, the skills and knowledge became very helpful in my current position as a developer. Kapeesh is one of the best developers, and he is very eager to share his knowledge, tricks, and resources. I am grateful for his role in shaping the developer I am today.


Mandisa Dlubom

Front-end developer @ Responsive Digital

I was fortunate to be mentored towards being a front-end developer by Kapeesh Manilal from January 2018 until early 2019. Before the mentorship, I was fresh out of a Web Development 6 months course and I felt like I didn't know what I was doing. Kappy was introduced as my mentor, what amazed me was that he created a curriculum which also had timelines and I had mini-projects that I had to deliver within the due date and present it. My curriculum was a year plan, with Kappy as my mentor, I was production-ready within 6 months and I started working on client work. I am grateful that Kappy took me under his wing and ensured that he passed his knowledge and set my career up for a win. I used to call him the best mentor ever and I still believe he is one.


Estee Resnick

Full Stack Engineer @ Competence Online

My mentorship experience, although only a month-long, was one that started my professional career. Throughout the month Kapeesh was patient, accommodating and thorough with each question I had and helped me make sense of them. He took me through a dashboard he was doing at the time and encouraged me to try to understand his process, despite the fact that he was super busy working on his own deadlines. This sparked my interest and aided me in deciding which path I wanted to follow in my career. I am really grateful for the time he invested in me, as it played a vital role in my career choice. I am currently working as a Full Stack Developer.